All about logistics (3)

Things to consider when choosing the best transportation type for your commercial route [Infographics]

When choosing the best means of transport for your merchandise, be it by land, sea, air, rail, or multi-modal, companies must consider several elements

Intermodal vs multimodal Transportation [Infographics]

When it comes to choosing which transportation to use in their logistics processes, companies should consider many variables, especially when the need to mix different means of transportation

Logistics’ more important KPIs [Infographics]

To guarantee profitability for your company’s logistics and supply chain you must pay attention to several KPIs that help you make the right decisions and optimize processes.

What is warehouse management

Warehouse management impacts both customer satisfaction and the costs of the supply chain; therefore, it is a key factor for your company’s profitability and competitiveness.

10 challenges of warehouse management

Besides receiving and transferring goods, managing a warehouse includes planning the storage, supply, and control of the inventory.

How companies can prevent hoarding and shortages

A shortage of products can occur due to multiple reasons; recently, ever since the beginning of the pandemic, we have seen some of the most harmful examples happen repeatedly: looting, panic shopping, and hoarding.

Best Practices and Measures for Facing Contingencies in Logistics

To address contingencies timely, companies should foresee events and prepare for them by implementing protocols and action lines that integrate all the players in its network so it can increase its options to manage the transport warehousing, and other operations.

Certifications: the seals of approval that help us trust more in logistics companies

For companies to entrust logistics suppliers with their goods, the latter must offer safety and professionalism and prove these qualities via the certifications they have accrued.

The Efficient Transportation of Vaccines: In the Hands of the New Cold Chain

The logistics in the supply chain of medical supplies has always had unique demands that make it quite a challenge. 

What does an intralogistics solution consist of?

Did you know intralogistics can improve the productivity of a company’s logistics processes? This document explains how intralogistics 4.0 works and how it can offer multiple benefits for your business.