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Changes to the logistics infrastructure in the new reality

We call Infrastructure to the set of elements and services that enables the proper functioning of cities and countries. Infrastructure may be an invisible element for societies initially, but it becomes vital when we face certain events, like a sanitation emergency that forces us to change our consumer habits.

How to make winning decisions in logistics

Logistics decisions end up being of the utmost importance for a company’s sales results since they impact its ability to manage goods, meet commercial commitments, optimize distribution costs, increase sales, raise the brand’s reputation, and about a dozen other indicators.

What is Hybrid Logistics?

Transportation from point A to point B is far more than just moving products; it also involves handling materials, packaging, controlling inventories, and managing safety. Doing this efficiently has led to new strategies, such as hybrid logistics. 

Holiday logistics

2020 is coming to an end and companies all over the world are getting ready for the holiday season with logistics strategies that meet the demand of customers and help them become more profitable.

Inbound Supply Processes

Also known as input process, this is the first link of the supply chain. Its importance lies on being the initial validation filter of goods.

Infographic: The Power of Big Data in the age of the Pandemic

Lower demand for transportation, large inventories, and increased demand for warehousing during the pandemic have made visibility one of the most crucial issues. To overcome this challenge, logistics companies are using data-based technology:

The Advantages of Outsourcing

The new market models and the digitalization of services have forced companies to offer a differentiating value and to create strategies to lower the cost of their logistics by identifying essential processes for delivering value that do not belong to their core business.

LMS as a management tool in 3PL services

Thanks to digitalization, warehousing and transportation operations can now be managed jointly through an LMS, looking to improve customer experience and create an efficient supply-chain supplier ecosystem.

The logistics of raw materials in the food industry

One of the activities that has gained relevance during the past few years is the logistics of food. Thanks to it, we can eat products manufactured anywhere in the world, even if we are not aware of doing so.

How to improve visibility in real time [INFOGRAPHIC]

According to Gartner’s Smart Insights for the Real-Time Transportation Visibility and Monitoring Solution Market, visibility was one of the three main initiatives financed in the supply chains in 2019.