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The Role of Consulting in Logistics

Hiring consulting services in logistics is a strategic decision made by companies looking to have a competitive differentiator. Thanks to consulting, companies gain expertise, knowledge, and skills to make better decisions and efficiently reach the goals set for the supply chain.

Key Tools and Indicators for Inventory Analysis

Inventory management is one of the key elements for success of companies. In fact, multibillion companies consider this task a priority because having the optimal volume of stock (enough, but not in excess) helps optimize costs and maximize production and sales while avoiding loss due to overstock or lack of key items.

All you need to know to optimize your company’s logistics costs

Using technology in logistics processes helps make processes more efficient and lower expenses; however, fostering a resource-minded culture is essential to achieving a true optimization of costs.

Integrating the Warehouse

Beyond safekeeping products, a warehouse is a space that optimizes the flow of merchandise and information while adding value to the supply chain by improving costs and customer service.

Alternatives for operating your company’s logistics

Manufacturers often find themselves choosing whether they should carry out their storage, distribution, and transport processes internally or outsource them to a logistics specialist.

Collaborative Transportation in times of crisis

Collaboration is powerful and effective.

What is Hybrid Logistics?

Transportation from point A to point B is far more than just moving products; it also involves handling materials, packaging, controlling inventories, and managing safety. Doing this efficiently has led to new strategies, such as hybrid logistics.

RFID Technology in Logistics

E-commerce has boosted RFID technology in the logistics process because of the visibility and interactivity it provides, which translates into a better experience for the customer.

Safety measures guaranteeing the integrity of cargo during loading and transportation

Logistics management safety has a direct impact on a company’s competitiveness and has, thus, become a central issue for corporate strategies.

Things to consider when choosing the best transportation type for your commercial route [Infographics]

When choosing the best means of transport for your merchandise, be it by land, sea, air, rail, or multi-modal, companies must consider several elements