Transport Management

Innovation in motion: How technology is redefining logistics transportation

In a constantly changing world and with the growing demands of end customers, the logistics transportation sector needs to embrace innovation to remain competitive. Solistica is a market-leading expert, committed to implementing new technologies, investing in the training of its collaborators, and taking advantage of trends and advances in the sector. Every day, our company strives to improve efficiency, to provide exceptional service, having clear that we must adapt to changing market expectations to continue being a 3PL reference in Latin America.

Plotting the perfect route! Discover how Solistica leads export logistics in Latin America to the US.

At Solistica, we know that each client has unique needs. That’s why we adapt our comprehensive logistics services to ensure success in exporting goods from Latin America to the United States.

Simulation training for transport operators

Road simulators: a new and more efficient way of training heavy load transport operators. Learn more about them!

Transportation risks and risk management tools

The most common risks in the freight transportation can be mitigated with proper management.

Cold chain quality control factors

Monitoring the quality of products requiring cold chain is critical for human health care.

Collaborative Transportation in times of crisis

Collaboration is powerful and effective.

Our most sustainable routes, a case of green logistics at Solistica Brazil

To reduce emissions of polluting gases in the transportation sector is one of the biggest challenges in facing climate change.

The keys for managing and controlling risks in logistics

The large number of processes in supply chains turn them susceptible to risks, which can be mitigated and avoided through prevention and action plans. Even though it requires a coordinated effort between the logistics, purchasing, legal, compliance, and finance departments to achieve this, it is also necessary to establish a culture of prevention throughout the whole company.

Temperature-controlled LTL services

Despite the practicality of processed food, there has been a rise in the demand for fresh food such as fruits, vegetables, fish, sea food, meat, dairy, and others in the past years due to the benefit they bring to our health. Nonetheless, they demand special temperature handling to avoid spoilage as they are perishable.

Vehicle Maintenance to Keep your Fleet Competitive

The demand for essential articles has skyrocketed since the beginning of the pandemic. In view of this unprecedented situation, when the delivery of goods has become more rlevant than ever before, having safe transportation units with adequate maintenance is a real necessity.