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Covering 100% of the country’s territory

Conquering the Brazilian market is a huge challenge for all types of industries, but more so for logistics: Brazil is a country with continental proportions with more than 5,570 counties spread over 8.5 million square kilometers (3.28 million square miles).

Solistica, a strategic partner for consumer goods companies

With an accumulated experience of over 20 years in the handling of consumer goods products, our logistics portfolio has become a quality choice for this industry.

Innovation in the Design of Transportation Solutions

Solistica Mexico was born with the mission to solve the logistics challenges of the consumer goods industry. After accruing years of experience and learning, we were able to design end-to-end and innovative solutions for the operation of the supply chains of several industries.

From local to global logistics solutions for the technology sector

After two years meeting the expectations of HP in Brazil, the multinational technology company chose to expand its relationship with Solistica letting it handle its warehousing overflow and third-party freight in Mexico.

OXXO Mexico’s Distribution Network

One of the most successful stories of expansion, reach, and volume for retail chains has been developing in Mexico: OXXO is the country’s convenience stores leader in Mexico and Solistica has been key in the exponential growth of this company over the past 15 years, contributing the necessary logistics support.

Validate as a differentiated capacity

Solistica introduces an end-to-end solution in Colombia to successfully meet the demands of handling controlled-temperature products and the regulations surrounding the Best Manufacturing Practices for heat sensitive products.

Brazil Story: Risk Management Model

Solistica has been managing risks for over 25 years at its Risk Management Center in Brazil, which will soon be replicated in Mexico.

Colombia Story: End-to-end logistics that breaks paradigms

Solistica has served the LTL logistics needs of multinational 3M for more than 25 years in Colombia. This long-term relationship put us in an unbeatable position when the time came to take part in an open bid launched by this company. We participated looking to broaden and develop our relationship with this client, which is a leader in the retail and consumer goods sectors.

Home deliveries that know no limits

Solistica is fully committed to its clients; going well beyond delivering, helping them with scenarios that aim to meet major goals. Whenever we transport medications, we acknowledge that lives, and health, are at stake.

Transportation for the Health Care Sector: A Benchmark for Logistics in the Pharmaceutical Industry

All around the world, leading pharmaceutical and personal hygiene companies rely on the safety, promptness, and excellence of Solistica’s services to ship their products and raw materials.


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