Success Stories

Entérate de los más recientes acontecimientos e innovaciones en nuestra industria.

Success Stories

Fique por dentro dos acontecimentos mais recentes e inovações em nossa indústria

Success Stories

Find out about the latest developments and innovations in our industry

Success Stories

Conoce algunos de nuestros casos de éxito y las soluciones que hemos desarrollado para nuestros clientes

Success Stories

Conheça alguns de nossos casos de sucesso e as soluções que desenvolvemos para nossos clientes

Success Stories

Get to know some of our successful stories and the solutions we have developed for our clients

Entérate de los más recientes acontecimientos e innovaciones en nuestra industria. Fique por dentro dos acontecimentos mais recentes e inovações em nossa indústria Find out about the latest developments and innovations in our industry.

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    13 Nov 2019

    Transportation for the Health Care Sector: A Benchmark for Logistics in the Pharmaceutical Industry

    Success stories

    All around the world, leading pharmaceutical and personal hygiene companies rely on the safety, promptness, and excellence of Solistica’s services to ship their products and raw materials.

    Specialized teams, experience, capacity to adapt to the demands of the industries, and implementation of innovative logistics solutions are essential attributes for the logistics of the pharmaceutical industry, and some of the reasons for Solistica’s leadership in this sector. In addition, we earn our clients’ trust by focusing on personalized attention and solving their most specific needs.

    The transportation of medical equipment, medications, substances, and other products in the category of raw materials for personal hygiene, requires not only special handling but also speed, efficiency, and safety. Human lives depend on their correct management and transportation; therefore, we must adhere to strict standards of quality and meet the framework regulating the care for these products.

    Johnson & Johnson, Aché, Sanofi, Merck, GSK, Eurofarma, Biolab, Abbot, and Baxter are some of the companies who have trusted Solistica’s end-to-end solution, in good part thanks to the development of highly customized services. For example, the air service we offer is a competitive advantage for emergency deliveries.

    We have listened to and understood the needs of our clients and we have responded by developing innovative and customized solutions that sets up apart from our competitors. Value services and differentiators include:


    Picking and Shipping Cargoes at Special Hours

    We understand there are no schedules when it comes to health; therefore, we offer a wide window to serve the industry’s needs, making it easy to pick up loads and ship goods during extended hours as well as carrying out scheduled deliveries.

    24/7 Monitoring of Merchandise

    We know how valuable medications and personal hygiene products can be and, consequently, we keep an eye on them and protect them in every step of the process. We pick and identify them with bar codes; palletizing and conditioning the goods in need of special handling; we deliver in an inventoried manner and we even store the goods temporarily while appointments and resolutions are completed.

    Excellence in Managing Controlled Temperature Chains

    We are specialists at handling cargoes in need of conservation, freezing or ultra-freezing. For example, we have conservation rooms with temperatures ranging from 2°C to 8° C at our cargo consolidation platforms. Our innovative facilities and experience in handling these types of materials have allowed us to become a company that validates the cold chains of other companies.

    Remote Monitoring via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

    The implementation of EDI allows clients to monitor their shipments. We achieve complete traceability. Upon completion, the order is closed remotely, and its status automatically updated in the system. This visibility is key for building trust among our clients, alongside the indicators and analysis of results. We share successful stories with our clients, such as the one of renowned pharmaceutical company Aché, which we helped keep track of the reverse logistics for 100% of its customers.

    Priority Deliveries

    Clear priorities play a big role in the success of logistics. Therefore, we develop specific rules according to our clients’ needs, identifying and assigning priority to the shipments of their large accounts. With this, we not only guarantee meeting the requisites but also the satisfaction of clients through customized service, serving and respecting their characteristics.

    Last Mile Delivery Vehicles

    We understand that some products, especially in the pharmaceutical industry, have specific requirements that are critical for ensuring quality. Thus, we develop last mile delivery projects that include dedicated vehicles, which take care of the safety and promptness demanded by the products’ features and needs of our clients.

    Risk Management

    Some of the countries where we operate appear in the list of regions with the highest risk in terms of product loss. For example, during the past five years, the number of robberies in Rio de Janeiro have doubled (1). To react to this reality, Solistica created a risk management center (GRIS, for its acronym in Portuguese) to monitor shipments 24/7. The center helps identify risk zones to anticipate the authorities’ engagement protocols, guaranteeing the monitoring and safety of merchandise.


    Emergency Transportation

    To address current guidelines, we support both private companies and public services to meet their emergency transportation needs. The integration of our services in the operations of our clients and our response capabilities set the difference and become crucial for the nature of our services.

    Well-Trained Professionals

    Our employees have the necessary training to guarantee a competent handling of dry, controlled-temperature, and cold-chain pharmaceutical cargoes as well as medical devices and food. They constantly update their knowledge at our Training Center, which keeps them up to date about the technological advances demanded by the sector.

    . . .

    Today, there is no question about the leadership and trust pharmaceutical and personal hygiene companies have placed on Solistica to deliver their products on time and under the strictest standards of quality and safety. Experiences that add to the logistics capacities offered by Solistica to different industries throughout Latin America.

    INGLES-Infografía y E-Card Historia de éxito Segmento Health Care VF

    (1) "If a cargo enters a favela, you can forget about it": Brazil, record highway thefts

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