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Technology and continuous improvement in health and personal care logistics: Solistica’s commitment

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Profile of a logistics specialist - experienced human capital at Solistica

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Preventive measures to reduce risks in warehouses

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Our cutting-edge digital platform: competitive advantage available to our clients

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Technology applied in Solistica's cargo transport

The technology applied to the transport of cargo provides greater control and certainty of the movements of the units.

Assembly services as part of your company's logistics

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Importance of visibility in Solistica routes

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5 ways artificial intelligence can improve logistics

AI optimizes operations, detects errors effectively and acts as a safe guide for logistics.

Multimodal transport: a key foreign trade partner

Multimodal transport is offering great benefits to international merchandise trade. Learn about this and other keys to this logistics practice.

Cross docking, modernity, and speed for the supply chain:technologies and their variations

Can stock-in-warehouse issues be eliminated while adding speed to the supply chain? Yes, cross-docking plus cutting-edge technology can do it!