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All about Incoterms in Logistics [Infographics]

International Commercial Terms (Incoterms) are international rules that describe the terms of goods delivery for global transactions

10 challenges of warehouse management

Besides receiving and transferring goods, managing a warehouse includes planning the storage, supply, and control of the inventory.

The integration of logistics in Africa

Africa is split into 5 economic regions, each with different expectations for growth and specific conditions for building infrastructure, necessary for developing a competitive logistics sector.

Blockchain in supply chain [Infographics]

Blockchain is a technology that, when applied to logistics, has a major impact on traceability and other aspects of the supply chain.

Elastic Logistics

Learn more about the advantages of this novel logistics model, and how to implement it in your company. Keep reading!

Circular Supply Chains

Circular supply chains are trending, let us tell you the reasons and why they are the best option for companies. Keep reading!

How to lower uncertainty in the supply chain

Companies must use their available data to assess uncertainty in their supply chain. Know what you should consider, continue reading.

What is Cyclic Counting

These are some of the advantages of carrying out cyclic counting, an alternative for taking inventory at your company or warehouse. Learn more about this!

Automation in Logistics

These are the advantages, challenges, and trends in logistics automation. Keep on reading!

Solistica obtains its 5th Golden Seal for Road Safety

Our efforts to contribute innovative business solutions to lower road accidents in cities has been recognized again.