Women in logistics: Leadership, inclusion and transformation in the industry

Discover the impact of female leadership at Solistica and how we are redefining logistics with inclusion and excellence. Explore how women are driving change in our company, inspiring innovation and growth in the industry.

Solistica: Leading the Way in International Logistics for 2024

Solistica's strategies for 2024 aim to expand its global network, covering more markets and providing even more complete logistics solutions. This smart global expansion will allow Solistica to meet the needs of clients who operate in various regions and require solutions tailored to their international supply chains.

Mobile office in Brazil

Solistica mobile workshop: agility and convenience for vehicles maintenance

Capabilities in Brazil

All of our service offerings, it should be noted, are permeated by our commitment to the safety of our employees, caring for the environment, and generating social value in the communities where we operate.

Solistica obtains its 5th Golden Seal for Road Safety

Our efforts to contribute innovative business solutions to lower road accidents in cities has been recognized again. 

National Road Safety Award -México #AllForRoadSafety

The goods we get home each day carry a long history of dedication, hard work, and responsibility where the drivers play a key role.

Femsa Solistica´s Mobile Itinerant Classroom

Coca Cola Femsa, Solistica and Kenworth innovate for transport safety. Get to know this interesting proposal.

We are now in Guatemala!

We operate now in Guatemala, offering transportation solutions with better units, technology and greater cargo capacity. Know our capabilities.

Femsa Logística is now Solistica

What began as a necessary task to make the exchange of goods possible in the era of globalization has now become a strategic issue that involves the whole supply chain: hiring 3PL services.