National Road Safety Award -México #AllForRoadSafety

29 November, 2021 Solistica

The goods we get home each day carry a long history of dedication, hard work, and responsibility where the drivers play a key role.

This particular year, drivers have not only had to deal with the inherent dangers of driving – and the added risk from the still prevailing climate of violence in the country – but also with the difficulties the pandemic has brought upon their tasks. 

Amid all this and far from giving up or lowering their guards, many drivers have grown professionally, studying, and learning the best road safety practices and adding more safety and hygiene protocols to the way they work; so, they successfully and quickly rose to the occasion, adapting to the New Normal.

They set an example for strength, resilience, and self-improvement in these challenging times. 

Therefore, Solistica is proud of its 122 drivers, who received the National Road safety Award this year.

During the Award’s 22nd Gala, the Users of Cargo Transportation thus acknowledged the heroes who have made it possible for nothing to be missing on our tables during this pandemic. 

During the online awards ceremony, Alex Theissen Long, President of the National Association of Private Transportation (ANTP, for its acronym in Spanish), reminded us that the ANTP adopted road safety as one of its main tenets since its foundation. “Ever since, we have organized conventions, developed practices, and created the National Road Safety Award itself to strengthen the road safety culture in companies year after year, benefitting the whole country and society.”

He also said that promoting road safety in Mexico is vital for having a safe, efficient, and competitive freight service. He thanked drivers for their commitment and dedication and their families for “their support and company in every mile they travel.” 

Theissen Long also reminded us that our common goal is to lower the rate of road accidents that result in casualties and injuries in cities and highways by 50%, adhering to the United Nations’ public policy set in the Second Decade of Road safety Action (from 2021 to 2030).

“Due to the pandemic and the New Normal, our priority has evolved to having not just a safe transportation of goods, but we have also pledged to promote all the prevention and hygiene measures among our drivers, who are an essential part in the transportation of goods,” explained Theissen. 


The best of the best

This award assesses the implementation of the guidelines and policies set in the Road Safety Management Manual among freight companies, companies with their own private cargo fleet, and companies licensed by the Federal Public Service, to make sure that cargo transportation adheres to said road safety management system with highly trained drivers. 

When it comes to freight drivers, they are recognized based on their performance and on how well they have implemented the best practices for preventing road accidents. Drivers from ANTP’s member companies, as well as from third party companies that offer freight service and take part in the NRSA, are trained every year in this program, which was designed by experts of ANTP’s road safety committee. Afterwards, they take a written test

Only those drivers who achieve an accident-free record with no traffic violations or incidents for at least a year have the chance of being assessed and having their training certified.

We can say, without a doubt, that these are the best of the best in their professions, the drivers who are the engine that makes our country’s logistics possible: the stars of cargo transportation.

We convey our appreciation to all those drivers who drive their trucks responsibly and professionally. Thank you for being an example to follow and for working to make a difference. Especially to our colleagues, for their commitment and dedication. Thank you and congratulations!

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National Road Safety Award -México #AllForRoadSafety

The goods we get home each day carry a long history of dedication, hard work, and responsibility where the drivers play a key role.

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