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26 July, 2022 Solistica

Globalization, the rise of e-commerce and the post-pandemic reconfiguration of industry and work models have led companies to look for more convenient and cost-effective operation options, and that includes workspaces. 

In addition, many businesses today are no longer and cannot be static anymore, especially in the construction, agricultural, mining, and medical industries, for example, which require available physical spaces where the current project is being carried out, but building an office on the site is not very cost-effective, especially if it will no longer be useful when the project ends. 

In this context, mobile offices present themselves as a great alternative to preserve the professional image, as well as the order and efficiency provided by a workspace that offers basic services such as work modules, healthcare area, electrical connections, network infrastructure, internet, etc., but being easily assembled and disassembled in a matter of hours (once they are fully assembled with prefabricated parts), and/or the possibility of moving from one place to another thanks to a wheel mechanism and the so-called modular engineering and architecture

In addition, the transfer process can be performed as many times as necessary. They are built with high quality, resistant and flexible materials, but at the same time, they are cost-effective and very efficient. So, it is possible to place an office in a specific location for the period required for a specific project. Mobile office rental have thus become an option that reduces project costs and time.

In addition to the mobility advantages, low cost, flexibility, and quick installation, they also cause low environmental impact, once long-lasting materials are used to build the offices, which are 100% recyclable after they have served their purpose. 

The development of mobile offices and workshops at Solistica 

At Solistica, the Mobile Office project was created particularly to meet the need for medium and low complexity interventions on semi-trailers, light, heavy and extra-heavy vehicles, so the mobile workshops were equipped with all the necessary tools for routine maintenance, tire repair,

mechanical and electrical repairs, vehicle suspensions, as well as mandatory safety standards. 

The workshop was designed to be energy-autonomous, that is, branches with energy sources available will count on devices for connection to the power grid, and in case of a power shortage, a power generator will be available. 

It is equipped with: 

  • Complete toolboxes 
  • Worktable 
  • Grinder 
  • Access ramp 
  • Crane 
  • Heavy toolbox 
  • Compressor 
  • Tyre inflation safety cage 
  • 15 Kva power generator 
  • Hydraulic press 
  • Hydraulic jack 
  • Spare parts cart 
  • Easels 
  • Pneumatic net 
  • Networks and extensions 

Mobile office in Brazil 

The project is currently being developed in Brazil and a team of 10 employees and an external supplier are working on it. 

Initially, the Mobile Office in Brazil will serve 6 branches: Vitória da Conquista, Feira de Santana, Salvador, Aracaju, Maceió and Recife. These branches will serve around 60 distribution vehicles, with an estimated circulation of 5,000 km between branches. 

For the second half of the year, the implementation of 2 more units is planned, providing services to other regions. The objective is always to reduce the return time of the vehicles to operation, as well as preventive maintenance costs, offering quality and all our expertise in the business. 

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Mobile office in Brazil

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All of our service offerings, it should be noted, are permeated by our commitment to the safety of our employees, caring for the environment, and generating social value in the communities where we operate.

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Our efforts to contribute innovative business solutions to lower road accidents in cities has been recognized again. 

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