Supply Chain Optimization

The advantages of backhauling in logistics

Every now and then, newly minted terms pop up describing specific practices in logistics’ operations. Here is one that has been gaining momentum: Backhaul, a.k.a. backloading.

Value-Added Services that improve your competitiveness

Companies are always looking for competitive advantages they can offer their clients to meet their needs more efficiently. They wish to save space, time, and money as well as keep their inventory low while adapting to the ever-changing purchasing behavior of their clients.

How to analyze the performance of your logistics operation? [Infographics]

Quality and continuous improvement demand measuring the performance of the supply chain so we can make sure operations are focused on clients and profitable. We analyze the performance to assess our efficiency and productivity, thus ensuring our company’s competitiveness.

Things to consider when designing a distribution network

When we talk about a distribution network, we refer to the supply chain management; in other words, we talk about the steps a product takes to get from the manufacturer or supplier to the final client.

Sustainable Logistics, a Priority for Supply Chains

There is a major issue setting the tone among supply chain’s current challenges: achieving sustainable logistics.

How to lower uncertainty in the supply chain

Companies must use their available data to assess uncertainty in their supply chain. Know what you should consider, continue reading.

Solistica’s Cold Chain Capabilities

Cold chains are essential for distributing perishables. They aim to extend the life of products while preserving their properties; especially when it comes to food and vaccines, which become less effective and can be affected by variations in temperature when cold chains break down.

What is your Company’s Logistics Maturity Index?

Companies must evolve and adapt to new realities to continue being competitive. To do this, they must measure their performance constantly and make the necessary adjustments to expedite and optimize their logistics and operations.

Planning efficient routes

When we speak about planning routes, what frequently comes to mind first is geolocation apps like Google Maps but, when you have 20+ destinations in your day’s schedule, you need to implement a real transport strategy.

QRM in logistics

The 70’s Just-In-Time philosophy gave birth to diverse models that aim to optimize processes. One of the newest and most effective is Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM).

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