Solistica up to date

Entérate de los más recientes acontecimientos e innovaciones en nuestra industria

Solistica up to date

Fique por dentro dos acontecimentos mais recentes e inovações em nossa indústria

Solistica up to date

Find out about the latest developments and innovations in our industry

Quality and continuous improvement demand measuring the performance of the supply chain so we can make sure operations are focused on clients and profitable. We analyze the performance to assess our efficiency and productivity, thus ensuring our company’s competitiveness.

Advantages of LTL and FTL

Jun 07, 2019

When it comes to transporting goods as cheaply and quickly as possible, designing a strategy for loads that increases productivity, lowers costs, and expedite shipments becomes essential.

Cold Chain: A Challenge for the Supply Chain

May 17, 2019

Cold logistics guarantees the storage, transport, and distribution of specific products, such as vaccines and other medication, at the proper temperature to ensure integrity and quality.

How to improve your delivery time [Infographics]

May 15, 2019

In logistics, delivery times and customer service are linked because the final consumers’ satisfaction depends on punctuality.

Currently, one of the pillars of competitiveness is having the business experience translated into a good customer service.

Outsourcing logistics to optimize your warehouse

Apr 04, 2019

If companies aim to optimize their warehouses, they should record all the processes carried out in that department, fully understand the special features of the products they handle and have storage spaces that provide an adequate protection and monitoring of the merchandise.

Lean Logistics: Supply Chain Optimization

Apr 02, 2019

Applying the Lean concept implies eliminating waste in logistics and focusing on creating value, as good resource management has a direct impact on the company’s profitability.

Innovation applied to the supply chain

Mar 28, 2019

Technology is present in our daily life, and supply chain is not exempt. Advances like artificial intelligence and machine learning are not the future, but the present, and are changing the way we understand logistics in the current omnichannel world.

Things to consider when designing a distribution network

Mar 07, 2019

When we talk about a distribution network, we refer to the supply chain management; in other words, we talk about the steps a product takes to get from the manufacturer or supplier to the final client.


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