Success stories

Meet our warehouse located at one of the most significant borders in the world: Solistica CDC TultePark, Mexico

This new chapter in the history of Solistica México consolidates us as leaders in Latin America. Backed by an outstanding track record in logistics excellence, innovation and sustainability, this new site will consolidate our ability to offer comprehensive solutions that enhance business efficiency.

Solistica inspires transformation towards sustainable, agile and collaborative supply chains

Solistica leads the way toward a more sustainable future, giving its customers confidence that they can meet their sustainability goals while maintaining the quality of their products.

Technology and productivity: the alliance between Solistica and Coca-Cola FEMSA in Colombia

Solistica and Coca-Cola FEMSA: A strategic alliance for innovation and environmental improvement

Joining forces for a sustainable planet: The business philosophy that cares for the environment

Day by day we join forces for a sustainable planet: Solistica’s business philosophy that takes care of the environment and drives its logistics business to grow responsibly.