Solistica inspires transformation towards sustainable, agile and collaborative supply chains

19 September, 2023 Success stories

During the conference led by our General Director for Colombia and Central America, Juan Carlos Castro, attendees gained a direct vision of how to evolve towards sustainable, agile and collaborative supply chains.

This event highlighted the importance of companies evaluating their sustainability priorities and examining whether their practices are responsible for environmental impact. Emphasis was placed on the need to understand that sustainability is not limited to the environmental, but also encompasses social and economic aspects. Furthermore, the erroneous tendency to assume that everything that is "green" is automatically sustainable was highlighted, since true sustainability is based on a holistic approach.

It was noted that 95% of companies still operate within traditional supply chains, while Solistica is committed to storing, distributing and adding value to processes, adapting its solutions to customer needs to reduce waste of materials that they harm the environment. The conference also emphasized the importance of aligning efforts with the "UN Sustainable Development Goals" for a more responsible and efficient future.

Finally, it is a source of pride that Solistica is a benchmark in the logistics industry, with a business model that promotes sustainable operations that are empathetic with the environment. Our focus is on caring for our people, protecting our planet and strengthening our community.

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