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    The Economic Budget for 2021 was submitted to Congress on September 8, 2020. It includes several initiatives, such as the Decree to reform, add, and repeal various provisions of the Income Tax Act, the Value Added Tax Act, and the Federation’s Tax Code.

    Logistics’ trends for 2021

    Feb 15, 2021

    Social and cultural shifts, new technologies, and the effects of Covid-19 will make an indelible mark on the outlook for 2021 for companies in all sectors.

    Omnichannel Logistics Strategy

    Oct 07, 2020

    Omnichannel means a company is managing all its sales channels, integrating them into a network to improve its profits. It also means the company is giving customers the ability to buy whatever they want when they want it, and where they want it.

    Tips for optimizing distribution centers

    Jul 09, 2020

    Maximizing the efficiency of a distribution center demands continuous analysis and strategic planning; therefore, it is essential to consider whether the layout helps the operation and productivity.

    Retail consolidation

    Jun 16, 2020

    Brands competition for shelf space is increasing in the big retail chains to ensure they stay in the minds of consumers and to procure potential income; however, it is not an easy thing to accomplish.

    Inventory management is a process that requires planning, organization, and training. That is why, inventory consignment for hospitals is a good way to improve the logistics of hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies.

    Covid-19´s effect on supply chains

    May 04, 2020

    The growth of the coronavirus pandemic has crated major changes in consumer habits, which has also led to interruptions in all the supply chains.


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          Logistics’ trends for 2021
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