logistics trends

The digital revolution in logistics: Exploring opportunities and challenges

The adoption of technological solutions in logistics has become essential in the search for more efficient and competitive management in an increasingly digitalized business environment. These technologies provide greater visibility and control over logistics operations, allowing for more informed and agile decision-making.

Supply chain resilience: A fundamental pillar in the modern era

In an interconnected and globalized world, efficient supply chain management is essential for the success and sustainability of companies. Resilience, more than simply resisting, involves adapting and strengthening in the face of adversity to ensure business continuity and customer satisfaction.

PERLOG: Latin America’s Logistics Profile - A Path to Efficiency and Growth

Discover how logistics is transforming Latin America: from current challenges to the strategies that will boost its competitiveness in the future. Explore the vital role of logistics in our region!

A logistics future driven by innovation: Our journey at the EXLOG Event

The journey into the logistics future is exciting and full of challenges. That's why at Solistica we are committed to leading the way with innovation, sustainability, and a people-centered approach.

The treasure map: geolocation, the logistics tool that every CEO should know

Geolocation has revolutionized the logistics industry by providing greater visibility, security and efficiency in real time, driving productivity and improving customer experience.

5 ways artificial intelligence can improve logistics

AI optimizes operations, detects errors effectively and acts as a safe guide for logistics.

Using drones in logistics processes

Combined with a good logistics software, drones will drastically improve the efficiency of several points along the supply chain in the upcoming years so we can offer companies a new valuable service.

Transformational Logistics

Technology advances have brought along the creation of new business concepts such as transformational logistics, digital ecosystems, and logistics 4.0 or smart logistics

Logistics issues to consider in e-commerce

The omnichannel world we live in has fostered the exponential growth of e-commerce and has forced companies to find special logistics solutions to help meet the expectations of on-line customers

E-commerce trends that have changed logistics

The goal of a-commerce is to offer consumers a system through which they can, literally, purchase without thinking.

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