foreign trade

The exports plan and its importance for logistics

Some of the benefits of having an exports plan are, acknowledging the company’s position in relation to the external markets; analyzing risks beforehand,

Learn the more important aspects of customs duties

There is an open tariff policy in Mexico that springs into action only when a domestic productive sector needs protection.

Things to consider when choosing the best transportation type for your commercial route [Infographics]

When choosing the best means of transport for your merchandise, be it by land, sea, air, rail, or multi-modal, companies must consider several elements

All about Incoterms in Logistics [Infographics]

International Commercial Terms (Incoterms) are international rules that describe the terms of goods delivery for global transactions

The integration of logistics in Africa

Africa is split into 5 economic regions, each with different expectations for growth and specific conditions for building infrastructure, necessary for developing a competitive logistics sector.

Cross Border Mx/USA, a strategy to facilitate trade

The border between Mexico and the United States bears witness to one of the most constant and plentiful back-and-forth trade flows in the world.

How to become an international freight broker

To move raw materials and finished products, companies need reliable and efficient services with accurate deliveries from and to their different locations. Thus, shipping and receiving cargoes is an essential part of business.

The Importance of having a Specialized Freight Forwarder

International Logistics is a complex system involving norms and regulations and has frequent unexpected events such as additional costs and delays. Freight Forwarders are tasked with avoiding and effectively managing these unforeseen events.

Imports and Exports in the times of COVID-19

For as long as we lack the answers on how big the financial loss and how long the pandemic will last, it will be impossible to fully gauge the impact of COVID-19 on the global economy and international trade.

The global landscape of sea trade [Infographics]

The maritime industry has always been considered as a pillar of international trade since the times of ancient civilizations because it makes it possible to buy and sell goods and transport people. With over 50,000 merchant ships from 150 countries, it is currently one of the most globalized industries in the world in terms of ownership and operations.

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