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24 May, 2022 Solistica

We have arrived in Brazil with a strong footprint, and we have been growing in Brazilian lands for almost a decade. In 2012, we launched our growth strategy in the country, which began to be materialized during the first stage and acquisition in September 2013. At the beginning, we offered transportation services, having as a first goal to be part of key industries and increase our market share and presence in the south and southeast. 

By December 2015, we set our sights on a nationwide coverage, and for this, we counted on Atlas' market share and presence to strengthen the network, complementing us geographically speaking (north and northeast). In December 2019, we have consolidated ourselves as a full logistics operator in Brazil, when AGV joined our operations. This deal made Solistica the first fully integrated solutions logistics operator (3PL) in the Brazilian market and a leader in warehousing. 

We belong to the great communal FEMSA's stem, a solid global company with 129 years of history and success, focused on generating economic, social, and environmental value, and currently operating in 13 countries; a company that recorded $1.3 billion dollars in sales in 2020. 

At Solistica we are particularly dedicated to integrating 3PL logistics solutions with world-class operations, providing local and regional knowledge and experience, and a large worldwide infrastructure network. 

We focus on generating competitive advantages for our clients, offering them customized, innovative, and comprehensive logistics solutions for their entire supply chain, having as our vision to be the 3PL partner of choice in Latin America. 

We currently count on: 

✔ More than 22 years of experience and journey 

✔ More than 4,000 Clients 

✔ More than 800,000 sq m of warehouses 

✔ More than 79 cross-dock terminals 

✔ More than 23,000 Employees 

✔ More than 6,000 Vehicles 

In addition, we perform: 

  • More than 600,000 Maintenance services per year
  • More than 160,000 Delivery points per week
  • More than 1.9 million Trips per year 

Specifically in Brazil, our logistics platform counts on: 

✔ 61 warehouses

✔ More than 400,000 sq m of warehouses 

✔ More than 380,000 pallet positions 

✔ 63 cross-docks 

✔ More than 200,000 sq m of Cross-docks 

With all these resources, we are able to offer Full Truckload (FTL), Less Than Truckload (LTL), Multimodal, Warehousing, and other value-added services.

In Brazil, we currently operate in Vinhedo (SP), Cajamar (SP), Jundiaí (SP), Cachoeirinha (RS) and Campinas (SP). 

Our logistics model enables us to ensure a consistent value offer in all our regions, offering solutions structured in 3 products: 



Capillary distribution process 


Service level 

Risk management 

Cold chain management 

Inventoried delivery 


Route optimization 

Cold chain management 

Information technology connectivity 


Air cargo: conventional or express (BR) 

Railway service covering Mexico, the United States and Canada INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS 




Multi-client / In House / Dedicated 

Reverse logistics 

Refrigerated / Heated / 

Room temperature 

Inventory optimization 




serial publication 


Kit customization 

Our advantages 

Thus, we have strengthened our position as a Latin American company with world-class operations, offering a state-of-the-art technology that enables flexibility, integration, and continuous improvement, and also strongly focusing on operational efficiency (quality, performance management, SHE, project management). 

In addition, at the back office, we rely on the GBS core team to support our Human Resources, IT and Finance processes, all backed by FEMSA's local network and platform. 

Our Risk Management Center 

Likewise, a specialized department tracks services by exception using an internal platform (STRACK) that consolidates the records sent by the tracking providers, in order to avoid risks for our operators and prevent damage to our customers' merchandise, taking care of their brand and reputation. 

We do so by adding our risk management processes (preventive and reactive standards, trip plan, area evaluation, 24/7 monitoring center), carriers training and evaluation of their profiles, and the latest technology (sensors, trackers, actuators, software, hybrid satellite/cell communication, etc.) 

Quality management in Brazil 

At the same time, we are prepared to offer in Brazil the most comprehensive quality management services, WH, document control, audit system, PDCA, technical supplier qualification, critical management analysis, BCP, Certifications, quality KPIs, LTL, TPT quality management, TPT qualification, drivers training, 

TPT deviation management, TPT PDCA, chemical load compatibility, TPT temperature management, TPT CSE, TPT KPIs, etc. 

In addition, to comply with regulatory processes, we offer licensing management, product testing and registration, pharmacovigilance, regulatory reporting, regulatory inspection management and regulatory consulting. 

Finally, we also cover Engineering issues: WH temperature management, Calibrations, System validation, Thermal qualification, Packaging qualification,

technical defense, serialization and traceability and clients' technical projects. 

Responsibility and trust 

Our entire service offering is driven by our commitment to the safety of our employees, to caring for the environment, and to generating social value in the communities where we operate. 

In our operations, 50% of hazardous waste is transformed into alternative fuels; we have stopped emitting more than 280,000 tons of CO2, and we have trained more than 5,000 employees in prevention and road safety awareness courses. 

We thus place our best values, our organizational culture, and our service offerings at the disposal of the large Brazilian market and its growth.

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