Solistica obtains its 5th Golden Seal for Road Safety

2 December, 2021 Solistica

Our efforts to contribute innovative business solutions to lower road accidents in cities has been recognized again. 

On October 9, the municipality of Bogotá, the mayor of Bogotá, and the Transportation Ministry of Colombia gave Solistica an award for its commitment to road safety.

The Gold Category Award is bestowed upon companies committed to Road Safety participating in the sponsorship plan and/or with an ISO 39001 certification.


Solistica stood out for being the sole logistics company receiving the Gold Seal, and for the fifth time on top of that.


Besides having several campaigns promoting a culture of safety among its own drivers, Solistica was also chosen for having the following factors:  

  • Prevention campaigns via interaction, vulnerable road players, and cargo vehicles.
  • Prevention campaigns on blind spots.
  • Lower road accident rate.
  • Its commitment to children, as expressed in its awareness campaigns in schools.

During the 14th Road Safety Week in Bogotá, 77 private and public companies operating in Bogotá received the Best Practices in Road Safety Seal in three categories: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Likewise, eleven public and private organizations competed in the category of Companies Saving Lives in Motorcycles; three of these companies received awards thanks to their best practices and success guaranteeing the road safety of their motorcycle drivers.

The award recognizes companies that promote safer environments for their employees and safer routes. Furthermore, this award is bestowed on initiatives and projects that solve road safety issues or risks.

Nicolás Estupiñán, Minister of Transportation, said during the event that this award: “is undoubtedly an example of your companies’ commitment to saving lives on the road,” and to lower the number of fatalities caused by road accidents in the city, contributing to the goal of having zero traffic deaths set by the Road Safety Company Network initiative, which has over 950 companies from diverse economic sectors.


The Best Practices in Road Safety Seal

The Best Practices in Road Safety Seal was conceived as a recognition for the companies’ adoption of the Zero Vision into their DNA, and for including road safety as a quality agent in transportation services. 

4 Bronze Seals, 52 Silver Seals, and 21 Gold Seals were handed to companies in sectors such as cargo and passenger transportation, education, technology, and services as well as to municipal entities.

Solistica consolidates itself as one of the leading organizations in the implementation of successful practices that improve the road safety conditions in its operations.

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Solistica obtains its 5th Golden Seal for Road Safety

Our efforts to contribute innovative business solutions to lower road accidents in cities has been recognized again. 

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