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What does an intralogistics solution consist of?

Did you know intralogistics can improve the productivity of a company’s logistics processes? This document explains how intralogistics 4.0 works and how it can offer multiple benefits for your business.

Changes to the logistics infrastructure in the new reality

We call Infrastructure to the set of elements and services that enables the proper functioning of cities and countries. Infrastructure may be an invisible element for societies initially, but it becomes vital when we face certain events, like a sanitation emergency that forces us to change our consumer habits.

How to make winning decisions in logistics

Logistics decisions end up being of the utmost importance for a company’s sales results since they impact its ability to manage goods, meet commercial commitments, optimize distribution costs, increase sales, raise the brand’s reputation, and about a dozen other indicators.

Solistica’s Cold Chain Capabilities

Cold chains are essential for distributing perishables. They aim to extend the life of products while preserving their properties; especially when it comes to food and vaccines, which become less effective and can be affected by variations in temperature when cold chains break down.

Changes in Customs and Foreign Trade in Mexico for 2021

The Economic Budget for 2021 was submitted to Congress on September 8, 2020. It includes several initiatives, such as the Decree to reform, add, and repeal various provisions of the Income Tax Act, the Value Added Tax Act, and the Federation’s Tax Code.

Logistics’ trends for 2021

Social and cultural shifts, new technologies, and the effects of Covid-19 will make an indelible mark on the outlook for 2021 for companies in all sectors.

We are now in Guatemala!

We operate now in Guatemala, offering transportation solutions with better units, technology and greater cargo capacity. Know our capabilities.

The Importance of having a Specialized Freight Forwarder

International Logistics is a complex system involving norms and regulations and has frequent unexpected events such as additional costs and delays. Freight Forwarders are tasked with avoiding and effectively managing these unforeseen events.

What is Hybrid Logistics?

Transportation from point A to point B is far more than just moving products; it also involves handling materials, packaging, controlling inventories, and managing safety. Doing this efficiently has led to new strategies, such as hybrid logistics.

Risk Management for the Supply Chain

Identifying risks is an essential task and we must carry it out using protocols that consider what, how, and when to do it, especially if we have an international reach.