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How companies can prevent hoarding and shortages

A shortage of products can occur due to multiple reasons; recently, ever since the beginning of the pandemic, we have seen some of the most harmful examples happen repeatedly: looting, panic shopping, and hoarding.

Best Practices and Measures for Facing Contingencies in Logistics

To address contingencies timely, companies should foresee events and prepare for them by implementing protocols and action lines that integrate all the players in its network so it can increase its options to manage the transport warehousing, and other operations.

Key Tools and Indicators for Inventory Analysis

Inventory management is one of the key elements for success of companies. In fact, multibillion companies consider this task a priority because having the optimal volume of stock (enough, but not in excess) helps optimize costs and maximize production and sales while avoiding loss due to overstock or lack of key items.

Certifications: the seals of approval that help us trust more in logistics companies

For companies to entrust logistics suppliers with their goods, the latter must offer safety and professionalism and prove these qualities via the certifications they have accrued.

Cross Border Mx/USA, a strategy to facilitate trade

The border between Mexico and the United States bears witness to one of the most constant and plentiful back-and-forth trade flows in the world.

Femsa Solistica´s Mobile Itinerant Classroom

Coca Cola Femsa, Solistica and Kenworth innovate for transport safety. Get to know this interesting proposal.

Distributing the next generation of bikes

The environment crisis demands change in all kinds of manufacturing and distribution systems. Logistics is responding by coming up with increasingly ambitious projects.

The Efficient Transportation of Vaccines: In the Hands of the New Cold Chain

The logistics in the supply chain of medical supplies has always had unique demands that make it quite a challenge. 

How to become an international freight broker

To move raw materials and finished products, companies need reliable and efficient services with accurate deliveries from and to their different locations. Thus, shipping and receiving cargoes is an essential part of business.

What does an intralogistics solution consist of?

Did you know intralogistics can improve the productivity of a company’s logistics processes? This document explains how intralogistics 4.0 works and how it can offer multiple benefits for your business.