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The countries assessed by PERLOG’s first stage were Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay. The expectation is for this analysis to cover the totality of countries in Latin America and the Caribbean in the next few years.

Managing Logistics in 2020

The priority for manufacturers and wholesalers these days should be focusing on digital transformation and embracing technology to help improve their efficiency in the short- and long-terms and be more competitive in the market.

Emerging technologies transforming the logistics industry

It is a fact: we have entered a new era. It is not enough anymore to have systems connecting with each other and with the world at large. To keep up with this decade, companies must use technological solutions that provide information, improve the processes, and give better results.

Logistics, a key element in the development of the car parts industry

By 2020, the manufacturing of car parts is expected to reach a value of 100 Billion dollars, placing Mexico as the 4th manufacturer of car parts globally. In addition, Mexico is expecting the arrival of more suppliers for this sector.

Auto parts warehousing solutions [INFOGRAPHIC]

The manufacturing of auto parts accounts for half of the automotive industry’s production in Mexico. Therefore, companies aim to continuously improve their execution and warehousing processes so they can guarantee profitable operations.

Healthcare Logistics: Trends in Cost Regulation

It demands the highest standards of quality and a few specific requirements that change depending on whether we speak about pharmaceutical and biotechnology products, medical and diagnostic devices, medical and personal care products, health and beauty products, or secondary packing or co-packaging services.

Logistics as a supply chain change agent

Solistica, a company in FEMSA’s Strategic Business Division of, hosted the 2nd Clients Summit, an event organized to disclose the evolution of solutions.

Solistica in Brazil: a new scope

Solistica consolidates its international operations under a sole brand that goes further than just meeting your delivery needs: it provides a service of excellence and creates value for clients through flexible and innovative solutions in Latin America.

Geolocation: a tool for increasing productivity and safety

Geolocation consists not only in geographically locating a product; it also is a major tool for the logistics sector to improve customer experience.

Benefits of having a service-oriented logistics operation

Supply chain based on service is a series of activities where clients and suppliers interact in a way that creates value, and it finds support on several elements