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Optimizing the supply chain as a competitive advantage

Optimizing the supply chain may generate profits quickly when we reassign volume and production flow, achieving a proper supply and a reduction of inventory

The Integration of Logistics in Latin America

Despite the progress made in the trade integration of Latin America there is still a lag, when compared to Asia and Europe.

E-commerce trends that have changed logistics

The goal of a-commerce is to offer consumers a system through which they can, literally, purchase without thinking.

Benefits of having a service-oriented logistics operation

Supply chain based on service is a series of activities where clients and suppliers interact in a way that creates value, and it finds support on several elements

Outsourcing logistics to optimize your warehouse

Outsourcing means to stop operating some of the business’ departments directly and instead handing them to a specialized external supplier

Lean Logistics: Supply Chain Optimization

Applying the Lean concept implies eliminating waste in logistics and focusing on creating value, as good resource management has a direct impact on the company’s profitability.

Innovation applied to the supply chain

Technology is present in our daily life, and supply chain is not exempt.

Origin of 3PL, its advantages and how to choose the right supplier

A 3PL service optimizes the supply and helps save on logistics processes.

Reasons to hire a logistics company and how to assess its efficiency

Among the logistics services involved in the supply chain, distribution is the most outsourced by companies.

The impact of NAFTA’s renegotiation on the logistics industry

The regional content of manufactured products is still a delicate issue in the conversations between Canada, Mexico, and the United States.