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Entérate de los más recientes acontecimientos e innovaciones en nuestra industria. Fique por dentro dos acontecimentos mais recentes e inovações em nossa indústria Find out about the latest developments and innovations in our industry.

    Auto parts warehousing solutions [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Jan 06, 2020

    The manufacturing of auto parts accounts for half of the automotive industry’s production in Mexico. Therefore, companies aim to continuously improve their execution and warehousing processes so they can guarantee profitable operations.

    Logistics for the textile industry [INPHOGRAPHIC]

    Jan 03, 2020

    Logistics is almost custom-made art. Integrating information, transportation, inventories, warehousing, materials, packaging, and even the safety of a supply chain is a job of a complexity not seen in any other industry.

    Logistics in the food industry: trends for 2020

    Dec 18, 2019

    Just as a setup of domino tiles, technology changes the way people consume things and the way to do business and so, it changes the market, forcing logistics to change as well.

    The electronics sector, logistics’ new giant

    Dec 03, 2019

    It is hard to picture life without electronic devices, isn’t it? It is no surprise then that it is Mexico’s second largest industry and one of the most relevant across the globe.

    Logistics challenges for large Hi-Tech companies

    Nov 08, 2019

    Hi-Tech devices such as computers, smartphones, pads, routers, and switchboards are undoubtedly a competitive advantage; however, behind these tools there are complex supply chains – specially in terms of risks, international regulations, fittings, and administration of resources and supply – characterized by a demand for accuracy, speed, and constant metrics.

    If peak seasons exist for businesses, specially retailers, they also exist for freighters and loaders. In broad terms, this season begins with the school start and encompasses Black Friday, Cyber Monday, the Holiday Season, and end on New Year’s Eve.

    The large number of processes in supply chains turn them susceptible to risks, which can be mitigated and avoided through prevention and action plans. Even though it requires a coordinated effort between the logistics, purchasing, legal, compliance, and finance departments to achieve this, it is also necessary to establish a culture of prevention throughout the whole company.

    Solistica in Brazil: a new scope

    Oct 28, 2019

    Solistica consolidates its international operations under a sole brand that goes further than just meeting your delivery needs: it provides a service of excellence and creates value for clients through flexible and innovative solutions in Latin America.


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