Meet our warehouse located at one of the most significant borders in the world: Solistica CDC TultePark, Mexico

5 December, 2023 Success stories


Solistica’s trajectory in Mexico: A commitment to logistic excellence 

Solistica as a leader in comprehensive logistics solutions in Latin America, Solistica has taken a significant step to expand its presence, committed to providing efficient, innovative, and quality services to its customers. 

The opening of its new warehouse, Solistica CDC TultePark, in Mexico, at one of the world’s most important borders, represents a strategic opportunity for commercial expansion. The warehouse is located in the TultePark industrial park, recognized as one of the country’s most excellent logistics centers. Thanks to its strategic location, compliance with quality and safety standards, and exceptional functionality, it will exceed service expectations in the region, enabling a solid connection with national and international markets.


The new CDE warehouse in Tultepec: A gateway to success 

The new CDE warehouse in Tultepec, strategically located, covers an impressive area of 18,000 square meters. With 18 access doors for trucks and 2 doors for ground transportation, this storage center with Cross Dock services presents itself as a logistics solution that will keep an efficient and always moving supply chain.

This cutting-edge space will allow Solistica to establish itself as a benchmark in the industry, enabling a solid connection with national and international markets. High quality and safety standards are an intrinsic feature of this expansion, ensuring that Solistica continues to exceed its customers’ expectations.


As in all our warehouses around the world, we are characterized by our high-quality logistics solutions

  1. Strategic location: Our corridor allows you to access a privileged location that facilitates the efficient distribution and logistics of your products and services.

  2. Get closer to your customers and suppliers: Being in a location close to your customers and suppliers, you can optimize your delivery processes, reduce times and costs, and provide a more satisfying service experience.

  3. Strategic expansion: You will be able to grow in a planned and strategic way, adapting to the changing needs of your business.

  4. Health, safety, and well-being of our collaborators: We comply with a zero-risk policy to create a safe and healthy work environment.

  5. HR acquisition plans: We offer human resources acquisition plans that minimize the risks associated with hiring, while providing tools that improve their quality of life and job satisfaction.

  6. Multi-Temperature Environment: Our infrastructure allows you to maintain high quality standards, in environments that require temperature control, thus guaranteeing the integrity of your products and services.


Growing Together: The Opening of the CDE Warehouse in TultePark Marks a New Chapter in Solistica’s History in Mexico

The opening of our new CDE warehouse in TultePark is an exciting milestone in Solistica’s expansion and commitment in Mexico. As leaders in comprehensive logistics solutions, we will continue to work to grow with you. 

This project embodies a comprehensive commitment that brings together all the essential elements to boost your business. Your success is our top priority, and we are prepared to make it a reality. With the inauguration of the new warehouse in TultePark, Solistica remains the ideal choice to take your company to the next level. Backed by a solid track record of logistic excellence and an unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainability, we reaffirm our dedication to providing comprehensive solutions that maximize your business efficiency. 

Discover the power of logistics with Solistica: your direct connection to the hearts of your customers!  


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Meet our warehouse located at one of the most significant borders in the world: Solistica CDC TultePark, Mexico

This new chapter in the history of Solistica México consolidates us as leaders in Latin America. Backed by an outstanding track record in logistics excellence, innovation and sustainability, this new site will consolidate our ability to offer comprehensive solutions that enhance business efficiency.

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