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28 October, 2019 All about logistics

Solistica consolidates its international operations under a sole brand that goes further than just meeting your delivery needs: it provides a service of excellence and creates value for clients through flexible and innovative solutions in Latin America.

Logistics companies Expresso Jundiai — leader in handling pharmaceutical, electronic, and textile products — and Atlas Transporte & Logística — which has excellent coverage by land and air — merged with Solistica in 2013 and 2015, respectively. Since then, this transformation has allowed us to implement logistics solutions on the supply chains of clients with operations throughout Brazil.

The innovative technology used by Solistica to manage supply chains makes the logistics of its clients more profitable because it is supplemented with the elements that are essential for logistics: human talent, infrastructure, and processes.

Solistica, which is known for understanding supply chains as a transformational effort, is the result of the merger of leading logistics companies Zimag in Mexico, Expresso Jundiai and Atlas in Brazil, and Open Market in Colombia. This merger has allowed the company to replicate efficient planning, warehousing, transportation, distribution, and value-added strategies in seven Latin American countries.

Solistica currently employs over 21,000 people and serves more than 2,500 clients in Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, and the United States. The company has established alliances with 7,500 strategic partners and owns more than 440,000 square meters of warehousing space to carry out the logistics operations of clients from industries as varied as health, electronics, textile, home, personal hygiene, food, beverages, and automotive spare parts.

Thanks to this transformation, Brazilian clients have improved their supply chains by hiring some of these services:

  • Transportation: administration of FTL and LTL fleets, including meeting the delivery windows, offering visibility of cargo, providing reports for operational indicators, managing the cold chain, offering multimodal transportation, providing connectivity via information technologies, designing special routes, and designing specialized vehicles. In addition, as a differentiated service, it offers domestic express air cargo for conventional, urgent, and personal deliveries thanks to the partnerships it has established with all the air cargo lines, which have the necessary valid permits and licenses, specialized equipment, and options to keep track of cargoes.
  • Distribution: Consolidation of orders according to the specific requirements of each cargo, including coverage, meeting the delivery windows, visibility, proof of delivery, risk management, cold chain management, inventoried deliveries, cross docking, and careful consideration of which products can share space.
  • Multimodal Solutions: Adequate solutions for each stage of the supply chain and means of transportation, including a vast array of services for distribution by land; rail transportation in Mexico, the United States, and Canada; sea transportation with the main shipping lines; containerized, RoRo, and bulk cargoes; transportation of full container loads and less than container loads; air parcel and air cargo; customs brokerage and warehousing included in the proposal; and visibility of the multimodal chain.
  • Warehousing: Handling of merchandise and control of inventories, including coverage; dedicated or multiple-client facilities; dry or multiple-temperature warehouses; handling of high-value goods or with special requirements; inventory management systems; connectivity via information technologies; control of inventories; flexibility for schedules and operators; and bonded warehouse.
  • Value-Added: Services that add value such as manufacturing; labelling; packaging; kitting; validation; reverse logistics; refurbishing; and palletizing.
  • International Logistics: Global transportation of cargoes via a network of strategic partners, including door-to-door service; management and execution of multimodal transportation; containerized, RoRo, or bulk cargoes; cold chain management; customs brokerage and procedures with official agencies; optimization of the supply chain; visibility of cargo; and administrative and operational simplification.


Implementing Risk Management Processes in Brazil

As a supplier of innovative 3PL services in Brazil and Latin America, Solistica uses technologies like:

Big Data to extract and manage vast amounts of data to get to know clients better, establish more efficient operational processes, forecast the demand, control assets, optimize the administration of the business, and trace more efficient routes.

Machine Learning to arrive at conclusions by correlating data, forecast the demand, and predict the most demanding tasks within the supply chain, such as route management, suggestions of products, price policies, optimization of inventories, and assessment of suppliers, for example.

The Internet of Things to create a network linking the physical devices applied to every operation in the supply chain; warehousing; freight and last-mile deliveries that improve the operational efficiency, lower costs, increase the safety of employees, and improve the clients’ experience.

In this sense, Solistica Brazil is a benchmark for operations’ safety. Nobody knows, and overcomes, the complexity of Brazil’s territory as well as we do.


Solistica is one of the largest integrators of 3PL solutions and covers 100% of Brazil’s territory

Thanks to the marriage of experience and capacity, we travel throughout Brazil under the safest conditions and offer the largest coverage of the region.


Solistica is the best option for multi-client, multi-sector, in-house, and dedicated operations in Brazil.


Solistica consolidates the greatest capacities for infrastructure and experience in Brazil.

We have an infrastructure consisting of over 100,000 square meters of warehousing space; more than 600,000 square meters of cross docks; and over 60 years of operational experience in Brazil.


Agility and productivity in complex operations.

We offer our experience operating the aftermarket logistics of the automotive industry, one of the most customized and demanding in the world, with the highest productivity.

Solutions for the most challenging supply chains.

All our knowledge and experience with dedicated services for the pharmaceutical and personal hygiene sectors is available for designing the best solution for your company.


Safe and riskless deliveries that make a difference.

We developed a risk management model for all industries that allows us to meet the delivery goals amid the complexities of Brazil’s territory.


Experience in handling high-value goods.

We offer our experience managing comprehensive warehousing and distribution solutions with complete safety for high value products from industries such as technology and telecommunications.


Who endorses us?

We guarantee complete certainty and security in managing your supply chain thanks to the experience we have gained through our operations and to the support of FEMSA, as one of its subsidiaries.

Who certifies us?

FEMSA’s infrastructure and endorsement, and the leadership of the Latin American logistics companies that merged to create Solistica, have strengthened our company with the necessary experience, knowledge, and specialization that validate our processes and the quality of our services.

With the merger of Expresso Jundiai and Atlas, Solistica follows its vision of becoming the leading end-to-end logistics (3PL) company in Brazil and Latin America, with a strong presence in North America. The company’s main goal is to innovate and make the best use of cutting-edge technology to offer solutions that fit the needs of every client.

If you offer services in this region, check out our 3PL solutions and contact one of our experts to get a customized proposal explaining what we can do for you.

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