Solistica Certifications: A commitment to quality, safety and sustainability

19 April, 2024 Storage trends and added value

In the constant pursuit of improving processes and demonstrating a firm commitment to quality, safety, and environmental care, companies strive to obtain certifications that validate their excellence. Solistica, a leading company in the field of logistics, has managed to obtain various certifications that support its commitment to excellence in all areas of its operation. These certifications guarantee the quality and safety of its processes, and also demonstrate its commitment to environmental sustainability and corporate responsibility. In this article, we will explore in detail the certifications that Solistica has obtained and how they support its key processes.


ISO 39001:2012 – Road Traffic Safety Management Systems

The ISO 39001:2012 certification is a testament to Solistica’s commitment to road safety. This standard sets the requirements for an effective road safety management system, demonstrating that the company strives to prevent accidents and promote a culture of safe driving. By obtaining this certification, Solistica commits to implementing practices and policies that ensure the safety of its drivers and those who share the road with them.


ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management Systems

The ISO 9001:2015 certification guarantees the quality of Solistica’s processes. This international standard sets the criteria for an efficient and effective quality management system. By obtaining this certification, Solistica demonstrates its focus on continuous improvement, customer satisfaction, and the delivery of high-quality services. This certification provides customers with the confidence that the company’s processes follow the most rigorous international standards and that the company is constantly striving to exceed expectations.


ISO 14001:2015 – Environmental Management Systems

The ISO 14001:2015 certification reinforces Solistica’s commitment to environmental protection. This standard sets the requirements for a solid environmental management system, which includes the identification and reduction of the environmental impacts of the company’s operations. By obtaining this certification, Solistica demonstrates its focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility. The company commits to minimizing its environmental footprint and adopting practices that promote the conservation of natural resources.


Brazilian Market – Good Practices

In the Brazilian market, Solistica has adopted good practices that have strengthened its position as a leading logistics company. These practices include the implementation of quality and safety management systems, as well as compliance with local and national regulations. The company stands out for its commitment to operational excellence and customer satisfaction. These good practices support Solistica’s reputation as a reliable and safe partner in the Brazilian market.


ISO45001:2018 – Occupational Health and Safety Management System

The ISO 45001:2018 certification supports Solistica's commitment to promoting the protection of its collaborators, in addition to the continuous improvement of processes related to occupational health. This proactive approach to occupational risk management not only reduces the incidence of occupational accidents and illnesses, but also improves operational efficiency and the well-being of our people, strengthening the company's image in the logistics industry.


PREAD – Business Environmental Excellence: Elite Category: Generating sustainable development

The PREAD certification in the Elite category is a recognition of Solistica’s commitment to sustainable development. This certification highlights the company’s outstanding practices in terms of environmental management, energy efficiency, and emissions reduction. Solistica positions itself as a benchmark in the logistics sector by demonstrating its leadership in environmental sustainability. This certification supports Solistica’s process approach: Guarantee of excellence, sustainability, and corporate responsibility.


ISO 28000:2008 – Security Management Systems for the Supply Chain

The ISO 28000:2008 certification backs Solistica’s approach to supply chain security. This standard sets the requirements for a comprehensive security management system that spans from production to final delivery. Solistica ensures that its operations comply with the highest security standards, minimizing risks in the supply chain.


Gold Seal – Good Road Safety Practices Secretary of Mobility

The Gold Seal awarded by the Secretary of Mobility is a recognition of Solistica’s commitment to road safety. This distinction demonstrates that the company meets the most demanding standards in terms of accident prevention and promotion of safe driving. The company stands out in the industry for its focus on road safety.


AES (Association of Safe Companies)

Security requirements established by the Supplier Verification program, for the security of the Supply Chain

The AES association, through its Supplier Verification program, establishes rigorous requirements in terms of security for the supply chain. Solistica has obtained AES recognition by meeting these requirements, demonstrating its commitment to security at all stages of the supply process.

SASSMAQ – transport of dangerous goods

The SASSMAQ certification endorses Solistica’s ability to safely transport dangerous goods. This certification guarantees that the company complies with the strictest standards in terms of handling, storage, and transportation of hazardous substances. Solistica thus demonstrates its expertise and commitment to safety in the transportation of delicate products.

CETESB – Municipal Environmental Licensing

The municipal environmental licensing granted by CETESB is a recognition of Solistica’s responsible environmental management at the local level. This license ensures that the company complies with the environmental requirements and regulations established by municipal authorities. The company commits to operating sustainably and minimizing its environmental impact at the local level.

IBAMA – Environmental authorization for interstate transport of dangerous goods, federal technical registration, annual report on dangerous goods, Montreal protocol

The environmental authorization from IBAMA for interstate transport of dangerous goods and other related requirements, such as the federal technical registration, the annual report on dangerous goods, and compliance with the Montreal protocol, demonstrate Solistica’s commitment to safety and environmental protection. Solistica complies with all relevant regulations and standards to ensure safe and responsible transportation.


Green Seal

The Green Seal is a distinction that Solistica has obtained for its sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. This recognition highlights the company’s focus on reducing emissions, energy efficiency, and responsible management of natural resources. Solistica positions itself as a company committed to sustainability and preservation of the environment.


IFC – Active issuer of ESG bonds

The issuance of ESG bonds by Solistica demonstrates its focus on socially responsible investment and its commitment to environmental, social, and corporate governance criteria. The company adheres to international standards in terms of sustainability and transparency, strengthening its reputation and commitment to corporate responsibility.


ECOVADIS – Corporate sustainability ratings

The corporate sustainability rating awarded by ECOVADIS recognizes Solistica’s performance in terms of sustainability and social responsibility. This rating evaluates aspects such as environmental management, labor rights, business ethics, and responsible sourcing practices. Solistica stands out in the industry for its commitment to sustainability and its focus on corporate responsibility.

Finally, the certifications and recognitions obtained by Solistica support its commitment to excellence, safety, sustainability, and corporate responsibility. These certifications demonstrate that the company meets the highest standards in all areas of its operation and guarantees quality, safety, and environmental care in all its processes. As a leader in the field of logistics, Solistica positions itself as a benchmark in the industry, providing confidence to its customers and generating a positive impact on society and the environment.

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