Discover how Solistica leads the nutrition chain with high-quality logistics solutions and cutting-edge technology.

7 June, 2023 Supply Chain Optimization

In today’s market, the pet food and raw materials industry is constantly growing and becoming increasingly demanding. Consumers expect the products they consume to be of high quality and safe, making the nutrition chain even more complex.

At Solistica, we are clear about our role in this industry and are committed to leading the way with innovative logistics solutions and cutting-edge technology. Our focus on nutrition is key to achieving a complete and effective logistics chain, ensuring that products reach their final destination in optimal condition.

The company understands the importance of taking care of every stage of the supply chain, from the acquisition of raw materials to final delivery to the customer.

To achieve this, Solistica uses cutting-edge technology to monitor and control the supply chain in real time, allowing for more efficient and effective resource management and greater visibility of the entire process. In addition, the company has a team of experts who work together to identify opportunities for improvement and optimization at each stage.

By effectively managing the supply chain, Solistica ensures that its customers receive fresh and high-quality products at the right time, which in turn generates a satisfying shopping experience for the end consumer. This translates into greater customer loyalty and an improvement in brand image, which in the long run results in a positive impact on profitability and business success.

Quality assurance in the reception of raw materials

Quality is one of our fundamental values and we strive to ensure it at all stages of the logistics chain. That is why we focus on the reception of raw materials as the first step in ensuring that the products delivered to our customers meet the highest standards of quality.

To this end, we have a highly trained team with extensive experience in evaluating the quality and safety of raw materials. We carry out an exhaustive review of each of the elements that will be used in production, from the evaluation of organoleptic, physical and chemical characteristics to the review of quality certificates issued by suppliers.

In addition, we use  advanced technology to carry out microbiological and chemical tests, which allows us to detect and prevent any type of contamination or risk to consumer health. All this in order to ensure that the products we deliver to our customers are safe and of high quality.

We are aware of the importance of ensuring quality from the beginning of the production process and focus on carrying out a rigorous and exhaustive evaluation of the raw materials we receive in order to ensure that our customers receive safe and high-quality products.

Efficient management of warehouses and distribution

At Solistica, we have strategically located warehouses in different regions, allowing for efficient distribution of pet food and raw materials throughout the country. In addition, all of our warehouses meet high standards of quality and good storage and distribution practices.

Our logistics team is also highly trained to ensure that food and raw materials are safely and efficiently delivered to their final destination. We offer flexibility and customization of solutions, allowing us to adapt to the needs of each customer. In addition, our high capillarity of service in storage and distribution allows us to reach every corner of the country.

Compliance with government regulations

We ensure compliance with the government regulations of each country in which we operate. This allows us to guarantee the safety and quality of food and raw materials.

Cold chain management

In terms of cold chain management, at Solistica we ensure rigorous temperature management at all times, from manufacturing to final delivery to the customer. This allows us to guarantee that food maintains its properties and quality at all times.

Innovative technologies for information management

We have the ability to deploy new information management technologies, allowing us to have complete control over the logistics chain. This allows us to make informed decisions in real time, reduce operating costs and improve the efficiency of our service.

We unite nutrition and logistics to ensure the quality of food and raw materials.

Trust us, leaders in the nutrition and logistics industry.

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Discover how Solistica leads the nutrition chain with high-quality logistics solutions and cutting-edge technology.

Solistica stands out as a leader in the logistics market by offering high-quality, cutting-edge integrated solutions. In the case of the pet food industry, the fundamental goal is to ensure the safety and quality of food and raw materials.

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