Technology applied in Solistica's cargo transport

22 March, 2023

In the transport of goods sector, as in all other, technology has also advanced enormously to
improve, particularly, road safety and traceability, making the supply chain completely digital.

This is happening thanks to the use of cloud-based technology, information collection,
blockchain, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and predictive analytics, telematics
and telemetry solutions, among others, which mainly allow integration of transport logistics
data, visibility throughout the supply chain, cloud analysis, shipment tracking and monitoring,
route planning, fuel control, fleet control, etc.

At the same time, a new infrastructure has been developed that has to do with the communication capabilities of vehicles, such as vehicle-to-vehicle communication, remote diagnosis, autonomous driving, automated merchandise matching, digital trucks, etc.

Likewise, the application of these tools to complete activities in this sector also helps to streamline decision-making and response to problems on the route, providing a better analysis of indicators and real time data.

In Mexico, however, partly due to lack of budget, partly due to resistance to change and ignorance about these technologies and their advantages in transport and logistics, their adoption is still low. Even so, some technologies have been already adopted by more than half of the companies in this sector: geolocation, warehouse management systems, and the Internet of Things (IoT) for shipment tracking.

Technology applied in Solisticas fleet in Mexico

At Solistica we have more than 6,000 vehicles (2,000 of them only in Mexico) dedicated to
cargo, used in our multimodal, break-bulk (LTL) and full truck load (FTL) transport solutions,
as well as in international logistics. Many of them are specialized vehicles designed to suit
the client, and in general, operated using the most robust security processes.

Above all, we generate value by developing vehicle engineering, designing transport projects which incorporate new technologies aiming to increase our clients; competitiveness and
profitability, both for their current vehicles and for future needs; and we also develop vehicle
design patents for our own use.

Our vehicles are equipped with sensors, trackers, modules and advanced assistance and security systems, which ensure good practices and generate real time alerts.

This equipment is complemented by the intense work developed at our Monitoring Center, which uses Street View tools, monitors routes and responds to alerts.
Yet, our Security Center coordinates actions with the authorities and uses technologies to
prevent theft, and our Information Analysis Center optimizes routes and offers detailed

In addition, we operate a Control Tower that provides end-to-end visibility,
which in turn enables proactive exception handling, technical support, service guarantee,
and a savings commitment by contract. Thus, we are capable of simplifying operations and,
at the same time, carrying on a continuous improvement focusing on savings and
productivity. All these benefits allow us to increase the efficiency of our clients operations,
ensuring their deliveries no matter where and when. Learn more about us!

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