Solistica in Colombia: World-class warehousing services

29 June, 2022 Warehouse and Added Value Services

At Solistica, meeting our customers' needs is only the first step; exceeding them by developing valuable services is the ultimate goal of our user-centric model. 

That is why our warehousing services go beyond basic product and business requirements to include productivity, quality, and continuous improvement. We focus on adding value to our customer's entire logistics chain, from planning, procurement and manufacturing to delivery or return. When reverse logistics is needed, it is done through handling goods in their optimal conditions and the improvement of warehousing processes. 

In Colombia, we use our wide coverage to offer our customers dedicated facilities for the handling of all kinds of goods, including high value goods and those with special requirements (for example, temperature and humidity). 

Customers can even entrust their products to a professional management within the warehouse, as we also offer integrated solutions for consignment inventories, services such as inventory control and optimization, temperature and humidity validation, final product disposal, supplies, etc., in addition to multiple value-added alternatives in packaging processes, such as assembly (maquila), packing, labeling, order taking, validation, reconditioning and palletizing. 

"We always strive for excellence, keeping our key performance indicators as high as possible, continuously innovating and improving the JDA software, a technology that allows us to have real-time visibility of the warehouse activities in order to enable continuous control and monitoring of costs, productivity and service. Or else the Data Pack Packaging software, which automates the entire assembly process, from reception at the warehouse to product delivery, adding other processes such as invoicing, management indicators, cost control and productivity, among others", explains Diana Margarita David, Warehousing Manager Solistica. 

As a successful case of our warehousing services, Diana David highlights the definitive role played by Mega Freeze, our cold chain warehousing system, during the most critical period of the pandemics. At that point, it was needed to immediately count on warehousing conditioning and transportation capabilities for the vaccines brought into the country by executives led by ANDI, the National Business Association of Colombia. 

Mega Freeze is a solution that integrates warehousing, conditioning, and transportation services for the cold chain (between 2 °C to 8 °C) in a single place, offering a warehousing capacity of more than 10,500 m3, 11 cold rooms nationwide, 12,000 delivery points, a conditioning area of 150 m2 with 3 production lines and 9 distribution centers all over Colombia. Moreover, it complies with all Colombian National Institute for Drug and Food Surveillance (Invima) and Health Department regulations, to house in optimal conditions products from several industrial sectors such as food, beverages, medicines, veterinary and beauty products, among others. 

In all sectors, our culture of continuous improvement leads us to strive for savings and operational efficiencies in our warehousing processes, which has allowed us, at this point, to serve more than 74 customers from all industries, for more than 18 years now, with more than 1,200 dedicated employees, and 24/7 services. 

An integrated quality management system and a safety culture as foundation for operational effectiveness, as well as the ongoing development of capabilities, risk management, the best infrastructure and technology, and excellence in performance management, are the attributes that make us stand out as an integral logistics partner.

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