Our cutting-edge digital platform: competitive advantage available to our clients

24 March, 2023

The digitization of the logistics sector came to improve deliveries and times, solve and reduce inefficiencies in processes, and even reduce environmental impact, by improving client service and satisfaction. And it's not going to stop now. Even less so, when we are shipping more physical goods than ever before (an average of 85 million packages per day globally).

In this scenario, digital platforms allow small companies to compete with the big ones of the sector, transforming the client's logistics experience in the process, and this client, on the other hand, is much more demanding today. At the same time, Big Data and its analysis are decisive in foreseeing clients' wishes and needs, increasing operational efficiency.

At Solistica, we understand the importance of this reality, and so we have kept cutting-edge digital innovations in logistics, which have shown up at a faster pace than in other industries.

Our portfolio of services incorporates state-of-the-art technology designed for flexibility, integration and continuous improvement, such as:

Oracle: provides valuable modeling of logistics networks through accurate hypothetical scenarios. This is to find the best option concerning times and costs, thus optimizing transport networks and allowing a better response to business interruptions and changes in the supply chain, also recommending alternative routes and operators.

Oracle has also been recognized for the last 7 years in a row as a leader in the warehouse management systems market. Yet, digitization improves stock control and package transfers in the warehouse management sector, thus reducing administrative costs.

BlueYonder: Known as an industry-leading end-to-end, autonomous, and predictive logistics solution.

Built on the industry's first artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML)-based supply chain platform, Blue Yonder's Luminate™ Logistics provides a platform capable of driving flexible and autonomous distribution networks, predicting problems, obtaining actionable recommendations based on machine learning, and minimizing risks while capitalizing on opportunities.

This can be applied in transport management, route modeling, workforce management, warehouse management, optimization of warehouse operations in real time, and, generally, to achieve greater reliability and operational feasibility, optimizing costs and service levels through a connected ecosystem.

Manhattan: Manhattan Active Supply Chain is the integrated cutting edge of transport and distribution logistics systems, converging all related elements in one cloud-based application.

Under the vision of a healthy and functional symbiosis in the supply chains, this solution seeks to harmonize them, restoring the natural inbound and the outbound flow. That is, the incoming and outgoing workflows are balanced to achieve maximum productivity of the resources involved.

This solution provides complete and detailed transparency and execution flexibility. Also, by breaking down multiple activities related to the supply chain, it offers the ability to accept order changes just before the trailer leaves with the goods, or make warehouse staff adjustments dynamically, depending on the transport activity, for instance.

Other digital elements

In addition to these solutions, we have incorporated digital technologies that have reinvented the logistics sector, such as those used to digitize documents, barcodes, electronic chips, electronic labels, fleet equipped with GPS, RFID technology for data capture and merchandise movement control, as well as digital signature or biometric data detection to ensure the processes are legal, among others.

All these digital solutions integrated at Solistica harmonically automate operations, increase security and efficiency, provide transparent information for decision-making, improve cooperation between teams, and finally, allow us to support organizational effectiveness and continuous improvement in our clients' logistics operations.


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