Solistica Colombia: professional and state-of-the-art solutions for the animal health industry

29 June, 2022

The animal health industry is important in Colombia and keeps gaining ground, making progress, and modernizing itself. And at Solistica we respond to this evolution by working to offer the sector better development opportunities, exploring the most outstanding practices in the market based on our experience, capillary strength, and flexibility. 

Highly specialized in the food, pharma, and health sector throughout Latin America, we have entered the market as a strong and distinguished player in the animal health sector in Colombia, enhancing our customers' capabilities with the most complete infrastructure, information technology, quality processes that meet all technical requirements and excellence in temperature control. 

To meet the growing needs of the animal care and veterinary products sector, at Solistica Colombia we are delivering "Our knowledge, powers and coverage, to offer all customers in this sector a complete control throughout the entire logistics chain", explains Germán Camero, Quality Manager and Technical Director of Solistica.

We took advantage of our extensive experience and the technology we have for the health sector in general and made it available to the animal care and health segment. Thus, we comply with all technical requirements, such as excellence and accuracy in temperature control, both for room temperature and cold chain warehousing. Moreover, we abide by the highest quality standards, and we have the best infrastructure available to compete at the highest level. 

Warehousing, transportation and packaging for animal care and veterinary products 

Solistica also offers cold chain warehousing for this sector, mainly for foodstuffs, vaccines and medicines that require their properties to be totally preserved.

In Colombia, we offer 11 cold rooms in major cities such as Bogota, Medellin, Cali, Buenaventura, Cartagena, and Barranquilla, as well as a portfolio of rigid, articulated and special vehicles, monitoring and security centers, dedicated or multi-client facilities, dry and multi-temperature warehouses, and the best industrial and road safety practices in the country. 

In addition, in order to improve costs efficiency and increase business profitability, considering that many of these products must be transported to remote regions or to the countryside, we count on a team of experts to structure and manage this type of operations, which allows us to offer benefits such as: 

  • Warehousing and inventory control
  • In-house operations management
  • Transportation of dry, hazardous, perishable, or cryogenic cargo
  • Customized processes
  • Load separation
  • Notable programming
  • Reverse logistics 

In addition to warehousing and cold chain management, we have high-level additional services that distinguish us from our competitors, such as assembly, customized deliveries, B2B distribution, demand planning, risk management for high-value cargo, and technology and continuous improvement processes, among others.

For more than 38 years, we have been present in Colombia and offering integral solutions to the healthcare industry, implementing specialized delivery systems to reduce time and increase productivity and efficiency. Today we are focusing on this growing segment, so that companies in this sector can verify the importance and advantages of having a reliable partner to outsource the warehousing, transportation, and delivery of their products. 

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