Optimizing the logistics chain in the animal health sector

19 December, 2023

Logistics in animal health goes beyond conventional transportation; it is a challenge that requires precision, continuous adaptation, and unwavering commitment. In this sector, the integrity of the products is vital, as it includes essential medicines and food for animals. In addition, it must comply with constantly evolving government regulations and adapt to changing market demands. Solistica, with its experience and commitment, becomes the fundamental pillar to offer total control of the logistics chain in animal health. 

Precision is essential in this logistics chain, and Solistica is committed to ensuring the integrity of the products, contributing to the well-being of animals. Solistica’s team of experts understands the complexities of the products and the industry regulations, ensuring precise temperature control and rigorous quality processes. 

Collaboration with Solistica goes beyond transportation; it offers benefits that include storage, efficient distribution, and customized processes. It is an investment in quality and excellence in animal health, a commitment to animal welfare and society in general. 


Total control of the logistics chain: The basis of excellence

Logistics is the fundamental axis of any industry, and when it comes to animal health, this premise takes on even more relevance. The integrity of the products is critical, as it involves medicines, food, and other high-value products. In this context, logistics in animal health is not limited to transporting goods from point A to point B; it is a process that demands complete control of the logistics chain. This implies a deep understanding of the products and services involved, as well as the ability to offer complete coverage in geographical and operational terms. In this sense, a logistics company specialized in the sector must have the necessary experience and scope to ensure that every aspect of the chain operates with exceptional precision.


Exploring best practices: Constant innovation 

The animal health industry is dynamic, with new technologies and therapies emerging continuously. Staying at the forefront and providing top-level services requires a logistics company to commit to constantly exploring best practices. This continuous exploration allows it to adapt to the changing needs of the industry and provide customized solutions to its clients. Being aware of the latest trends and adopting innovative technologies is basic and extremely important. In this sense, a specialized logistics company becomes an invaluable resource for the animal health sector.


Experts in the field: The key to trust 

Logistics in animal health is anything but simple. It requires a team of experts who understand in depth the complexities of the products and the regulations that govern the industry. Excellence in temperature control becomes fundamental to ensure the integrity of the products, especially those that are highly sensitive to temperature variations. In addition, rigorous quality processes and constant improvement of infrastructure and information technology are key elements to ensure customer satisfaction. Here lies the trust that customers place in a specialized logistics company.


Benefits of working with a specialized company 

Collaborating with a logistics company specialized in animal health offers a series of benefits that far exceed the simple transportation of goods:

  1. Storage and inventory control: Efficient management of the inventory of animal health products is fundamental to avoid scarcity or excess of products in the market. A specialized company, like Solistica, offers storage and inventory control solutions that guarantee the availability of products when they are most needed. 

  2. In-House operations management: Control of each stage of the logistics process, from storage to distribution, allows for greater efficiency and quality in the service.

  3. Specialized transportation: Logistics in animal health often involves the transportation of sensitive and perishable products. Solistica specializes in the handling of dry, dangerous, perishable, and cryogenic loads in a safe and efficient manner.

  4. Regulatory compliance: Each country has its own regulations for animal health products. A specialized company, like Solistica, ensures that the products comply with all governmental regulations, guaranteeing the legality and safety of the products.

  5. Customized processes: The ability to adapt logistics processes to the specific needs of the client, such as load separation, differentiated scheduling, and reverse logistics, is an added value that only a specialized company, like Solistica, can provide. 

  6. Maquila and customized deliveries: Maquila and customized deliveries are essential in animal health, where precision and punctuality are fundamental. 

  7. Precision in forecasting and demand planning: Accurate demand forecasting is key to avoid scarcity or excess of products in the market, and Solistica perfects this planning to meet the changing needs of the sector. 

  8. B2B distribution: Efficient distribution in the business market is a specialized focus that an experienced logistics company, like Solistica, can provide, connecting animal health product suppliers with the companies that need them. 

  9. Risk management: High-value-added products require careful risk management, which Solistica offers, protecting the investment and ensuring the continuity of the supply chain. 

  10. Cold chain and data sheet / serialization: Control of the cold chain and compliance with data sheet and serialization regulations are essential to ensure the safety and traceability of the products, complying with regulations and offering peace of mind to customers and consumers. 

  11. Process and technology for continuous improvement: A specialized logistics company does not stop at current excellence, but continuously seeks ways to improve its processes and technology. Constant innovation ensures that logistics services remain at the forefront and become increasingly efficient. 

Solistica: Leader in integrated logistics 

In the world of animal health, Solistica is a trusted name in integrated logistics. The company is committed to offering a high-quality service to its clients, with a focus on efficiency, sustainability, and innovation. The services that Solistica offers include land, air, and sea transportation, storage in its logistics centers located in Latin America, national and international distribution, and supply chain solutions that cover all aspects of logistics.


Solistica: Integrated logistics leadership

In the world of animal health, Solistica is a trusted name in integrated logistics. The company is committed to offering a high-quality service to its clients, with a focus on efficiency, sustainability, and innovation. Its leadership in the industry is based on its ability to provide comprehensive solutions that cover every link in the logistics chain in the animal health sector.


Efficiency in logistics with Solistica 

Solistica is synonymous with efficiency. The company is committed to providing its clients with a logistics service that is not only reliable but also highly efficient. To achieve this, it uses cutting-edge technologies and optimized processes. Some of the keys to its efficiency are:

  1. Technology: Solistica uses a state-of-the-art transportation management platform to optimize its routes and operations. This allows not only greater efficiency in product delivery but also a greater capacity to respond to the changing demands of the animal health market. 

  2. Standardized processes: The standardization of processes in Solistica is not just a slogan, it is a reality. Optimized and standardized processes ensure that each step in the logistics chain is carried out with maximum efficiency and precision. 

Commitment to sustainability 

Solistica understands the importance of sustainability in modern logistics. To reduce its environmental impact, the company has implemented a series of measures: 

  1. Recycling and reuse: Solistica has incorporated recycling and reuse programs in all its logistics centers. This not only reduces waste but also contributes to the preservation of the environment.

  2. Renewable energy: The company has adopted renewable energy sources in its operations. The use of renewable energy not only reduces its carbon footprint but also sets a standard for sustainability in the industry. 

  3. Electric vehicles: Solistica is leading the way in adopting electric vehicles in its fleet. These vehicles emit fewer greenhouse gases and are a sustainable alternative to traditional transportation.

Constant Innovation in Solistica 

Innovation is a fundamental part of Solistica’s commitment to excellence. The company is constantly developing new solutions and services to improve customer satisfaction. Some notable examples of innovation include: 

  1. Food logistics: Solistica has developed a food logistics solution that ensures the freshness and safety of food. This is essential in the animal health sector, where the quality and safety of products are fundamental. 

  2. E-commerce logistics: Solistica offers an e-commerce logistics solution that guarantees the fast and efficient delivery of orders. This is especially important in a world where online shopping is becoming increasingly common. 

  3. Manufacturing logistics: Solistica offers a manufacturing logistics solution that supports the production and distribution of products in the animal health sector. This solution ensures that products arrive where they are needed in a timely and efficient manner.

Investment in quality and excellence in the animal health industry 

Logistics in the animal health sector is not simply an additional service, but a vital part of the supply chain that ensures that products arrive where they are needed, when they are needed. This is not only crucial for the well-being of animals but also for public health. Collaboration with a specialized logistics company like Solistica is not just a strategic choice, but an investment in quality and excellence in the animal health industry.

Ultimately, optimizing the logistics chain in the animal health sector is a challenge that requires experience, commitment, and focus. Solistica proves to be a leader in this area, providing total control of the logistics chain, exploring best practices, incorporating sustainability, and offering high-efficiency services and constant innovation. By working with Solistica, companies in the animal health sector can be assured that their products will arrive at their destination in the best conditions, complying with all regulations and changing market demands. This is not only a commercial benefit but also a commitment to the quality and well-being of animals and society as a whole. 

Requesting the services of an integrated logistics company in the animal health sector is a strategic decision that guarantees efficiency, sustainability, and innovation at every step of the logistics chain. Solistica’s commitment to excellence is reflected in its success stories and its continuous search for innovative solutions. The investment in quality and excellence in the animal health industry not only improves the supply chain but also contributes to the well-being of animals and public health in general. 

Logistics in the animal health sector is a field that demands the best, and Solistica presents itself as the answer. Its experience, efficiency, and commitment to sustainability and innovation make this company a reliable partner for the animal health industry. Quality and excellence are the norm in this collaboration, translating into significant benefits for both companies and society as a whole. Investing in specialized logistics is an investment in a healthier and more efficient future in the animal health sector.

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